St George's CE Primary School

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  3. History


This year we have implemented an excited local based history curriculum. Our programme of study is designed to celebrate the rich history and heritage of Swadlincote. The curriculum focusses on how Swadlincote has grown as a result of the mining industry in the 19th and 20th century. Students will visit the local pottery museum and see how important Swadlincote is not just in the local Derbyshire area but it's contribution to Britain as a whole. 


Our unique curriculum is designed to encourage students mental timelines of history. As students work their way up the school, they move back through historical periods, starting with the most recent history in Year 1. Each year has a slight overlap to encourage retrieval tasks, building their mental schemas and improving their retention of knowledge.


Our main aim is to instil a love and more importantly a curiosity about history, something that will encourage them to explore further in secondary school and beyond. We want them to be proud of their local heritage and see just how special Swadlincote is.