Welcome to Year 4! 

Year 4 - Home learning survival kit!

Welcome to our new and updated Year 4 web page. I am hoping this will be your go-to for most of your home learning needs! This will provide you with a number of resources, activities and places to search to continue the learning at home. 

Now more than ever our Year 4 students will need to continue that growth mindset. This means being determined to carry on our learning even though we are not in the classroom everyday. We must remember that the brain is a muscle and to exercise it, we must learn, learn, learn!

Weekly Tasks!!!

Home Learning Week 2:

Literacy: Your job this week will link in with your extra-curricular task. After developing and creating a new board game, you must write a set of instructions that will go inside the box. These instructions should be clear and easy to follow. This can be handwritten or typed up via Class Seesaw. Use the checklist attached in 'Weekly printable resources' section as a success criteria. 

Numeracy: Our focus this week will be on comparing decimals and dividing by 10 and 100. Lesson's and activities are available on My Maths, there are tasks also set on Sumdog.

  • My Maths lesson and homework
  • Sumdog practice questions

Weekly printable resources

Attached below is a number of different resources you can print from home to do with this week's subjects and topics. 


 Handwriting and spelling practice.pdfDownload
 Instruction writing - Checklist.pdfDownload
 Spelling game.pdfDownload
 Spelling Word Search.pdfDownload
 Week 6 - Spelling list.docDownload
 Weekly spellings - Term2b wk6.docxDownload
 Word Mat.pdfDownload
 Y4 Instructions Example Text.pdfDownload
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 Comparing decimals worksheet 1.pdfDownload
 Divide 1 or 2-Digits by 10.pdfDownload
 Divide 1 or 2-Digits by 100.pdfDownload
 Dividing by 10 - Assessment sheet answers.pdfDownload
 Dividing by 10 - Assessment sheet.pdfDownload
 Dividing by 10 and 100 - Colouring activity.pdfDownload
 Dividing by 10 and 100 - Worksheet 1.pdfDownload
 Dividing by 10 and 100 - Worksheet 2.pdfDownload
 Dividing by 100 - Assessment sheet answers.pdfDownload
 Dividing by 100 - Assessment sheet.pdfDownload
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Topic Weekly Task!



Before we broke up from school we were looking at different habitats and even designed our own Bee-friendly gardens. 


I'm also sure that most of you will have been for a walk around the lovely Albert Village lake. This is a fantastic habitat for many different plants and species. This is also a redevelopment area and used to look a lot different. 


Your task this week is to design a redevelopment initiative for the empty quarry directly opposite Albert Village Lake. 


Attached below:

- Blueprints map

- Presentation

 Albert Village Redevlopment Blueprints.docxDownload
 Redevelopment of Albion Landfill site.pptxDownload
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Year 4 - Weekly Spelling List!!!!

Times Table Test!!


Timetables are still really important! Mr Woodward will be checking on your weekly Soundcheck score and the progress you are making. 

Extra-curricular task!


As well as the plenty of school work you are no-doubt doing, I also think this is an opportunity to learn some new skills, skills you wouldn't necessarily learn if you were at school! 


Task 1: Learn a new skill that will help out your parents around the house. 

You can upload a video of you explaining your new skill to your Class Seesaw account by the weekend! 


Task 2: Design and create a brand new board game to play at home with your family. This must be a completely new game complete with instructions, board, counters and box. 

 Can you take a picture of your board games and upload them to your Seesaw account. 




Can you create the box that will go with your board game. Think about a colourful design that will will stand out from all the other board games and draw customers into buying it. 


Just in case you missed the live daily P.E lessons. Here is an easy half an hour P.E lesson you can easily do in your living room.


Tune in from 9am every morning on You Tube:


Day 6


Class book: This week our students should be reading chapter 4 of our class test. Please find this on our Class Seesaw.


Chapter 4 - 23.3.20

Chapter 5 - 26.3.20


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