Welcome to Year 4! 

Summer Activities!

Please find some activities should you become bored over the Summer holidays! Enjoy guys. 

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 Friendship Themed Word Search.pdfDownload
 Healthy Eating Word Search.pdfDownload
 Internet Safety Crossword.pdfDownload
 Plants Word Search.pdfDownload
 Roald Dahl Word Search.pdfDownload
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Class book: This week our students should be reading chapter 4 of our class test. Please find this on our Class Seesaw.


Chapter 4 - 23.3.20

Chapter 5 - 26.3.20

Chapter 6 - 29.3.20

Chapter 7 - 2.4.20

Chapter 8 - 6.4.20

Chapter 9 - 13.4.20

Chapter 10 - 27.4.20

Chapter 11 - 3.5.20

Chapter 12 - 11.5.20

Chapter 13 - 18.5.20

Chapter 14 - 1.6.20

Chapter 15 - 8.6.20

Chapter 16 - 15.6.20

Chapter 17 - 22.6.20

Chapter 18 - 26.6.20

Chapter 19 - 03.7.20

Chapter 20 - 03.7.20

Chapter 21 - 03.7.20

Chapter 22 - 03.7.20

Chapter 23 - 10.7.20

Chapter 24 - 10.7.20

Chapter 25 - 10.7.20

Chapter 26 - 10.7.20

Chapter 27 - 20.7.20

Chapter 28 - 20.7.20

Chapter 29 - 20.7.20

Chapter 30 - 20.7.20

Chapter 31 - 20.7.20


After completing the book please could you write a book review to let me know what you thought of the story. 




Mr W. 

 Brightstorm - Chapter 27 - The Southern Aurora.docxDownload
 Brightstorm - Chapter 28 - South Polaris.docxDownload
 Brightstorm - Chapter 29 - Goodbye Dad.docxDownload
 Brightstorm - Chapter 30 - Victorious.docxDownload
 Brightstorm - Chapter 31 - Home.docxDownload
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An important message from Mr Miller!

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all well. Both Mr Wallis and myself are missing seeing you each week for your music lesson. The point at which we left off back in March was a really exciting point because we were just starting to learn new notes and get onto some fantastic music. It is such a shame that these lessons came to an end when they did. We want you to know that your music making can continue into next academic year. Things will return to normal at some point, and when they do there is a chance for some extra music lessons. This time, there is not only violin and cello to choose from, but also Cornet with Mr Wallis. These lessons will be charged at only £1.60 per lesson!

It would be brilliant if some of you signed up for lessons and continued with your musical studies. Music is shown in almost every study to help children with developing  coordination skills, social skills and in aiding brain development which has a positive effect in other areas of the curriculum. It can also boost a child's confidence and self-esteem as well as developing qualities of resilience and determination.

We’ve attached a couple of videos showing you all the possibilities for next year, and if you think that you might be interested, then please have a look at the information leaflets and register your interest with us.

Cello Lessons (Mr Miller)

Demonstration https://youtu.be/FCBiRFUu8WY

Information https://1drv.ms/b/s!Aofbn0YtqGi0p3_5OwJmTAC7yKDk


Cornet Lessons ( Mr Wallis)

Demonstration https://youtu.be/IWy_YL21DsY

Information https://1drv.ms/b/s!Aofbn0YtqGi0qAGWiJhDf_EtJ-Td



We both really hope that you decide to continue with your music and are looking forward to seeing you all again soon!!


Mr Miller & Mr Wallis

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