Welcome to Year 4! 

Year 4 - Home learning survival kit!

Welcome to our new and updated Year 4 web page. I am hoping this will be your go-to for most of your home learning needs! This will provide you with a number of resources, activities and places to search to continue the learning at home. 

Now more than ever our Year 4 students will need to continue that growth mindset. This means being determined to carry on our learning even though we are not in the classroom everyday. We must remember that the brain is a muscle and to exercise it, we must learn, learn, learn!

Weekly Tasks!!!

Home Learning - Summer Term - Week 6 - 6.7.20 - 10.7.20


Literacy: Attached below is a project based on designing and creating your own theme park. Your literacy this week is incorporated into this project and will involve some persuasive writing during the marketing section. 


Mathematics: This weeks mathematics will be based on coordinates. The best place to start here is to have a good old fashioned game of Battleships. If you don't have this board game then the worksheets below will have to do. Good luck guys. 


This weeks maths: 

  • Weekly worksheets
  • Sumdog - Class competition + National competition
  • My Maths lesson and activity

Weekly printable resources

Attached below is a number of different resources you can print from home to do with this week's subjects and topics. 

Theme Park Project!!!

This weeks project is based around designing and creating a Theme Park. This involves lots of skills including testing your maths skills, literacy skills and your creativity. Each lesson has it's own presentation to show you what you need to do and give you some context (start with lesson 1!). I'm hope you all enjoy it and feel free to take photos and send pictures of your project into Seesaw. The numbers in this project include millions so it will prepare you for some Year 5 maths. Please feel free to use a calculator though.

 Theme Park Presentation Lesson 1.pptDownload
 Theme Park Presentation Lesson 5.pptDownload
 Theme Park Presentation Lesson 2.pptDownload
 Theme Park Presentation Lesson 3.pptDownload
 Theme Park Presentation Lesson 4.pptDownload
 First Draft Map Activity Sheet.docxDownload
 Lesson 5 Marketing Budget.docDownload
 Lesson 5 Advertising Writing Frames.docDownload
 Lesson 5 Mega Magazine Drop Review Template.docDownload
 Lesson 4 Working out Entrance frees.docDownload
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 Answers - Describe Position.pdfDownload
 Coordinates - Hard.pdfDownload
 Coordinates - Red Pepper Challenge.pdfDownload
 Describe position assessment sheet - Answers.pdfDownload
 Describe position assessment sheet.pdfDownload
 Differentiated Zoo Coordinates Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
 Emoji face coordinates.pdfDownload
 Horizontal Format - Describe Position.pdfDownload
 Mystery coordinates picture - Don't scroll down.pdfDownload
 Position and Direction - Problem solving answers.docxDownload
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This week you will be investigating evaporation Please note you will need adult supervision with the investigation. I have attached some notes for your adult to read with you. 

 Activity Sheet Evaporation Investigation.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Washing Line Conclusions Editable.docDownload
 Activity Sheet Washing Line Conclusions.pdfDownload
 Evaporation Statements.pdfDownload
 Lesson Plan Evaporation Investigation.pdfDownload
 Lesson Presentation Evaporation Investigation.pptDownload
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Year 4 - Weekly Spelling List!!!!

 Adverbials of Mood Foldable Book.pdfDownload
 Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet.pdfDownload
 Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity.pdfDownload
 Spelling Lists.pdfDownload
 Word Search.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Term 3B Week 6 Presentation.pptDownload
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Times Table Test!!


Timetables are still really important! Mr Woodward will be checking on your weekly Soundcheck score and the progress you are making. 

Celebration Wall!!!

Congratulations to Zachary, Phoebe, Holly, Maisie, George and Amelia who all achieved a Gold Star award for their poems on The National Forest. They're the first pieces of work to make it onto our Gold Star display. 

Weekly Sumdog Winners!

Most Questions answered:

1 - Makayla

2 - Oscar 

3 - Skye


Highest Accuracy 


1 - Isobel


2 - Maisie


3 - Matthew


Just in case you missed the live daily P.E lessons. Here is an easy half an hour P.E lesson you can easily do in your living room.


Tune in from 9am every morning on You Tube:


Class book: This week our students should be reading chapter 4 of our class test. Please find this on our Class Seesaw.


Chapter 4 - 23.3.20

Chapter 5 - 26.3.20

Chapter 6 - 29.3.20

Chapter 7 - 2.4.20

Chapter 8 - 6.4.20

Chapter 9 - 13.4.20

Chapter 10 - 27.4.20

Chapter 11 - 3.5.20

Chapter 12 - 11.5.20

Chapter 13 - 18.5.20

Chapter 14 - 1.6.20

Chapter 15 - 8.6.20

Chapter 16 - 15.6.20

Chapter 17 - 22.6.20

Chapter 18 - 26.6.20

Chapter 19 - 03.7.20

Chapter 20 - 03.7.20

Chapter 21 - 03.7.20

Chapter 22 - 03.7.20

 Brightstorm - Chapter 19 - The Case against Eudora Vane.docxDownload
 Brightstorm - Chapter 20 - Thought Wolves.docxDownload
 Brightstorm - Chapter 21 - Grave News.docxDownload
 Brightstorm - Chapter 22 - Ghost Ship.docxDownload
 Reading comprehension - Green Pepper.pdfDownload
 Reading comprehension - Red Pepper.pdfDownload
 Reading comprehension - Yellow Pepper.pdfDownload
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Music - Mr Miller

Week 2

Hello, I hope you are all well.

How did you get on with Over the Rainbow last week? I wonder if any of you managed to play along with the backing video on your doorstep as people clapped for the NHS on Thursday?

Last week I sent a song called Sport for All and I put a little video together showing you how it went. Fantastic if you’ve managed to have a little look over that and learn the song. This week what I’d like us to do is to see if we can sing the pitch of the notes using the Doh and Soh hand signs. Take a look at the video and I’ll be on there, helping you.


As an additional activity, I’ve attached the music, backing track and little videos to help with Tap Dance. This was the last piece we played well before we had to stop going into School.

Here is the music…


Here’s the backing track


a little video to help violin and viola players


and another video for cello players


See you how get on. We learned this piece just after our week 15 concert, so mums and dads haven’t seen this one yet. If you get really good as you practice, maybe you could do them a little performance?

Also, I sent a little video from me and Mr Wallis for you all. We’re playing We’ll meet again.


Have a good week and I’ll be in touch soon with some new things to do.

Take care


Mr Miller


Week 3 




I hope that you have all had a good week.

Last week I sent you Tap Dance to look at, I wonder if any of you managed to do a little performance for your family? This week I would like you to concentrate on making sure you are standing and sitting properly as you play your instrument and check your bow hold. If you have rosin, it might be a good idea to put some on at the moment.

Please find below a couple of little videos designed to help you remember how to hold your instrument and bow properly


Violin hold


Violin bow


Cello hold


Cello bow



If you could play Chocolate Treats, Strictly or Tap Dance with an amazing bow hold, and your instrument is being held well I would be very impressed!


Also this week, it’s time to try and play Sport for All on our instruments. Please see below the little video to help you. It would be really good if you could go over the previous two videos first, just so that the song is fresh in your mind.



Have a really good week everybody!


Mr Miller




I hope that everyone managed to have a practice of Sport For All over half term. This week it’s time to put the piece together with the backing track. I’ve attached a link showing how to play with the music, and I’ve resent the backing track, plus the words for you to refresh your memory. Don’t forget to start in rest position and to sing along with me on the video.


Here is the link to the help video



Here’s the words



and here is the music for you to play along with yourself



Take care everyone!!



Mr Miller


Week 4

Activity/ Song
Flash card rhythms and echo clapping


Learning focus
Distinguishing between different rhythms, keeping a steady beat
Hearing rhythms

Reading rhythms. Resources



1. See if you can copy the rhythms that I clap in the Echo Clapping video. I clap first, and then you copy my rhythm in the gap afterwards. If you get really good, see if you can come up with your own patterns for your family to copy at home.
2. The next stage on from listening and copying rhythms, is to be able to read them and clap them. Don’t forget that ta looks like this , and te-te looks like this . Please open the rhythm sheet above, see if you can say the rhythms and clap them.
3. The flash card video shows some of the same rhythms you came across in the echo claping video. This time you need to read the rhythm to clap it rather than listen to it.


Week 5


Hello everyone,


Last week would have been our week 30 concert, and I really missed seeing you all. Our week 15 concert was absolutely amazing and you should be so proud of what you managed then. This week I thought we’d have a go at one of the songs you sang so well in that concert; Puddles. I’ve sent a link to the words and a little video of me singing for you to follow along with.


Here is the music – https://1drv.ms/b/s!Aofbn0YtqGi0qAdC_2detzgSiw_C?e=K8Z0nV

And here’s a little video to help you out - https://youtu.be/UuUdBaz82-Q


Have a good week everyone!


Mr Miller    

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