Welcome to Class 6


Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen - Conan O'Brien.  Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen - Conan O'Brien.

Class Vision 2020-2021

 We are polite and treat each other well.  We are honest and try to help other people no matter what the situation.  We are responsible for our own belongings and behaviour.  We try our best.  We respect each other and other people’s opinions.  We want to have a great year with lots of fun so we will behave well.  We are kind and treat others as we would like to be treated. We try hard to achieve our goals.  We are united as one and work together for the best results possible.

 We are more than friends: we are a class family.

Lockdown Updates

Maths Homework

This will appear as a task on Seesaw each week...

Set Due Pages
6.1.21 13.1.21 See Seesaw
13.1.21 20.1.21 Pages 30 and 31
20.1.21 27.1.21 Pages 32 and 33
27.1.21 3.2.21 Pages 34 and 35
3.2.21 10.2.21 Pages 36 and 37
10.2.21 17.2.21 Pages 38 and 39
17.2.21 3.3.21 Pages 40 - 43


SPAG Homework

This will appear as a task on Seesaw each week...

Set Due Pages
6.1.21 13.1.21 See Seesaw
13.1.21 21.1.21 Pages 28 and 29
21.1.21 27.1.21 Pages 30 and 31
27.1.21 3.2.21 Pages 32 and 33
3.2.21 10.2.21 Pages 34 and 35
10.2.21 17.2.21 Pages 36 and 37
17.2.21 3.3.21 pages 38 - 41



Our class story:

You can't blend in when you were born to stand out.



The English teacher in Wonder introduces the class to precepts:

“Precepts are rules about really important things”.

 “Like a motto. Like a famous quote. Like a line from a fortune cookie.  Any saying or ground rule that can motivate you.  Basically, a precept is anything that helps guide us when making decisions about really important things”

We have lots of precepts displayed around our classroom...let us know the precepts you try to live by.


Mrs Tyers’ December Precept

Find out more about what we are learning in English here:

This week's spellings are here

Homework (Autumn 1) here

Homework (Autumn 2) here

Reading comprehension homework - up to and over Christmas here




Coming soon:

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

Read an illustrated version of the poem here.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Class text for Autumn term 2


Please speak to me if you have lost your log in details!  Remember - they should be in your reading record, your jotter and your maths book too!

Find Autumn 1 maths homework here.

Autumn 2 maths homework here




Log in to Seesaw to upload any work that you do at home, or to share work completed in school with your family and friends.

Young Voices PE Keeping in touch

23rd June, 2021

Please check your Class Dojo messages for a password which will allow you to access the parents' zone on this website.

Here you will find a 'Music Room' with dance and lyric videos so that you can practise at home! Enjoy.

Thursday - indoor

Friday - outdoor


Why not try one of Joe Wicks' "5 Minute Move" programmes, if you fancy a little extra exercise?



How do we keep in touch?

School Jotter app - we use this app solely for messages for the whole school.  It is updated by Mrs Millar, the headteacher.

Class Dojo - I use this to send messages to all year 6 parents and to reward the class.  I also use the "Story" on Class Dojo when I want to send pictures of what we have done, but only with the class.  Dojo enables us to have 1:1 conversations, parent to teacher.

School webpage - here you will find links to lots of useful resources.  As this page can be seen beyond the school, I only update the page with general examples of work.

Letters - I try not to send paper copies home, but where I have too, you will usually be able to find a replacement copy on the webpage (see below!).

Long Term Plan

Here is an overview of all of the things we will learn in Year 6.

Year 6


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Animals including humans



Scientists and Inventors

Living things and their habitats

Evolution and Inheritance



Communicating and Collaborating

Digital exploration

Programming, coding and controlling devices

Data Handling


Digital Imagery

Music and Sound



The Amazing Americas



Our changing world






The Shang Dynasty

Leisure and Entertainment


Early Islamic Civilisation




South and Central American art


North American art


Wildlife Birds


Design and Technology


Felt phone cases


Super Seasonal Cooking


Automata animals



World Unite




Class Awards

Moving On

Indoor PE


Dance - HAKA

Dance - Electricity

Gymnastics – Bottoms Up

Gymnastics – Double Up

FUNS Cards

Blue - Pink

Gymnastics – Shape and Balance (linked to Rivers and Mountains)

Outdoor PE


Invasion Games – Tag Rugby

QCA Unit 4

Net/Wall Games – Netball/High 5s

QCA Unit 2


QCA Unit 3


Growing Up


Safety First


Think Positive

Respecting Rights


One World



2.1 Why do some people believe in God and some do not?

UC2.2 Creation or Science?

2.5 Arts and architecture or charity and generosity?

UC2.5 What do Christians believe Jesus did to ‘save’ people?

UC2.6 For Christians, what kind of Kind is Jesus?

2.3 What do religions say to people when life gets hard?

Class Story


R.J. Palacio

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

J.K. Rowling


Anthony Horowitz


MFL - German

Forest Schools



MFL - German


Home Learning

OAK NATIONAL ACADEMY are publishing lessons every week for all subjects.


BBC BITESIZE are bringing us 3 new lessons every weekday with videos and activities!

Click on the link below to access the lessons for all year groups


In the case of another national or local lockdown, additional resources will be added to the Seesaw learning platform.

LITERACY COUNTS have put together a pack of materials to support you to continue learning at home.

You will need to register on the site.  Then you will receive weekly updates in addition to the learning packs.



Parent Zone

Here are the answer books for the 2019 tests which we recently completed in school.




Film Zone

Films related to work

Films for fun - wet lunchtimes or as a treat 

Coming soon - Christmas films!

:-) :-) :-)