St George's CE Primary School

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Miss Thompson will be teaching Monday to Wednesday

Mrs Jones will be teaching Thursday and Friday

Mrs Hulse is the class teaching assistant


Our Global Theme for this half term is Identity and Diversity

We are working to understand the similarities and differences between people in our local setting and in wider contexts and to know what contributes to self-identity and belonging for ones self. 


Below is our Year One Long Term Plan



In Year one we learn new sounds to make us better readers and writers. As a school, we use Little Wandle to teach phonics, as it allows pupils to unlock their full potential.

To the read more about Little Wandle press this link.

Letters and Sounds


 In Year 1 we are always busy learning different spellings.

Spelling homework is sent out every Friday and tested the following Friday. 



We are looking at the text, 'Lost in the Toy Museum' this half term. We will be working on describing the characters using adverbs. The children will use their fantastic phonic knowledge to write super sentences including, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


Autumn 1 - Place Value

  • Sorting and counting objects
  • Recognise numbers as words
  • Count on from any number
  • 1 more and 1 less than





Autumn 2 - Addition and Subtraction

  • Part-whole model
  • Write number sentences
  • Number bonds to 10
  • Addition and subtraction problems





Numbots is a fun and interactive way for your child to improve understanding, recall and fluency in mental addition and subtraction, so that they move from counting to calculating.

Your child will receive their own personal login. 

Certificates will be awarded for completing each numbot!




How far have toys changed over time?

We would love the children to find out about the toys that their parents and grandparents used to play with when they were the same age as them. If you have any examples of old toys that you would be willing to share with Class One, we would love to see them.



We are discovering more about animals, including humans.

Here is our 'sticky knowledge' (things we will learn and remember):

  • There are many different animals with different characteristics.
  • Animals have senses to help individuals survive, when animals sense things they are able to respond.
  • Animals need food to survive.
  • Know that herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat other animals and omnivores eat both animals and plants.
  • Animals need a variety of food to help them grow, repair their bodies be active and stay healthy.


The scientist we will research this half term is Chris Packham.

We will be learning about his work in animal conservation



Tuesday and Thursday

Please ensure PE kits are in school and that all clothing is named.  Thank you






Reading The children will change their reading books every Thursday. Please record at least 3 home reads every week.

Spellings will go home on a Friday.

Numbots can be accessed at home. Recommended as often as possible - at least twice a week.

Lexia can be accessed at home. Recommended as often as possible - at least twice a week