St George's CE Primary School

  1. Key Information

Ofsted Report July 2019

'Teachers promote good relationships in all year groups. This means that pupils are keen learners who respond readily to routines and expectations.'

'Teachers insist that pupils take pride in their work. The quality of work in pupils’ books is high across a range of subjects.'

'Pupils’ behaviour is good. Pupils conduct themselves politely around school and at playtimes and lunchtimes.'

'Safeguarding is effective. There is a strong culture of care and concern for pupils’ safety and well-being evident throughout the school.'

'Good leadership and effective teaching in the early years ensure that children make good progress and are well prepared for Year 1.'

'Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted through the curriculum and assemblies effectively, and is enriched by a range of extra-curricular activities.'

'There is a caring, vigilant culture evident throughout the school.'

'Pupils are proud of the school and enjoy their learning. They like and respect their teachers and could talk about the kindness and support shown to them by school staff.'

'Pupils stated emphatically that bullying is not tolerated at the school. Any instances are dealt with swiftly, firmly and fairly. Pupils were able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the meaning of bullying and how to keep themselves safe, including online. Behaviour records confirm that bullying and behaviour-related incidents are rare.'

'Staff make sure that lunchtimes are well-supervised, orderly and relaxed social occasions.'

'The behaviour of pupils is good. Leaders and staff set high expectations for conduct and courtesy, which are respected by pupils of all ages.'