Home Learning

Week 2

Here are a few activities to keep you busy...…..

  • It's important to stay active- why not join in with Joe Wicks each morning. Or else use 'Go noodle' to dance and move. 
  • Design film set for a new Star Wars film- who is your favourite character?

    Make a junk model with some of your rubbish. What shapes are the boxes?
    Make a card for a Care Home near you (you can post them of put them through the letter box) Lots of old people won't be seeing their family at the moment , so it would be nice to say hello.

    Make some play dough- there are lots of recipes online to use. can you make some farm animal models?

    Sort your socks into pairs. How many do you have.

    Go on a nature walk- what can you spot? Did you see any daffodils?
    Set yourself a challenge- how many words can you make with the letters s,a,t,p,i,n,m, o,g,c,k ?


  • Help to make your breakfast - pouring milk and cereals- is your bowl full or empty or nearly full? How much milk do you need? (can you use a measuring jug to read the numbers?


Don't forget to look at our Curriculum map below to see what we would be doing....

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Welcome to EYFS


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) lasts until the end of the Reception year.  At the end of the year, your child's teachers decide to what extent they have met the 'Early Learning Goals.'

The ELG identify key skills  that children should demonstrate by the end of Reception.  Children who have not met some or all of these will continue to work on these aspects in Year One. Others may have met them much earlier in the Reception Year and may be working on aspects of the National Curriculum.  

The first few weeks in Reception will be a time for settling in, meeting new friends and a time for the teacher to assess  what your child can already do and what the next steps of learning are.


Click here to find out more about our 'Reception Day'




Here's what we will be covering this year...

Welly Wednesday

Every Wednesday we put on our waterproof clothes and take our learning outside.

We cover all areas of the curriculum in a practical (and messy way!)

For example-

We make marks in sand or mud to practice our letters.

We roll our tyres to develop upper body strength.

We make environmental art using found objects and we tell our friends about them.

We make collections and count them.


Because we work outside during Welly Wednesday it is important that we are dressed appropriately. 

We recommend that children wear waterproof clothing. Some parents choose to buy all-in-one 'Ski suits' that children simply wear over their school clothes. Other parents provide warm 'old' clothes and a waterproof coat.

Most children wear wellies- as they are waterproof. 

The Reception Curriculum is organised into topics. Learning is more meaningful if we link ideas so key elements of learning  fit into these topics and children explore new ideas whilst building on what they already know.


Every day there will be opportunities for play and for more direct learning as children are taught to read and write, and about basic number. You will hear about 'phonic' lessons which teach children about the alphabet and letter sounds.