St George's CE Primary School

  1. Curriculum
  2. Music


Lessons are taught by teachers or teaching assistants weekly. We use the Music Express online scheme of work and supplement this with further opportunities for singing together, playing a variety of musical instruments and composing music. 

As well as having access to a wide range of percussion instruments, we provide each year group in Key Stage 1 and 2 with the opportunity to learn to play a tuned instrument. 

Year 1- Glockenspiel/ Xylophone

Year 2- Ocarinas

Year 3- Bamboo Tamboo

Year 4- Cello or Violin 

Year 5- Bamboo Tamboo

Year 6- Recorders


For hygiene reasons, each child in Year 2 and 6 are given a brand new Ocarina/ Recorder which is theirs to keep.

A special thanks to our PTA for funding these instruments for our children!


Year 4 are taught to play the violin or cello through the Wider Opportunities scheme with Derby and Derbyshire Music Partnership. This is at no cost to parents. 

The children are then given the opportunity in Year 5 and 6 to continue to play the violin or cello or even to learn how to play the cornet.

A fee is charged by Derby and Derbyshire Music Partnership for these lessons.

                                                   Xylphone and Glockenspiel               Ocarina                    Bamboo Tamboo             Cello                    Cornet                              Violin                         Recorder                   Percussion instruments

We also offer a wide range of other musical experiences including listening to and singing a range of music genres in school assemblies, learning songs linked to our topic areas, an after school choir club, the chance to perform to children and parents through class assemblies/performances.

We also take the children from Years 4, 5 and 6 to concerts such as Young Voices and playing with the World Famous Halle orchestra! 


Playing our instruments alongside the World Famous Halle Orchestra in 2018!                      Singing with thousands of other children at Young Voices Birmingham in 2019.