Welcome back Class 5!!!

A huge welcome back to all of class 5, after nearly 6 months of being away it's a great relief to be back in the classroom and back together again. Please take a look around our new class page which will have all the information about what we'll be up to this term.


This term we will be studying the exciting topic of Space! We've already started to poke around at the solar system and see what's out there. Take a look at our knowledge organiser below to see what we'll be covering. 


As well as our exciting space topic, we're also taking a closer look at marvellous maps. This term we'll be studying maps in detail, learning about the Ordnance Survey, as well as how to read and decipher maps. Below is the knowledge organiser of everything we will be covering. 


This term our class novel is Holes by Louis Sachar. We are really enjoying it so far but please don't show us the film until after we've finished!!!

Our read-a-thon has started again and as we're year 5's, the Gold Star mark has been moved! Now, we have to make it to 50 home-reads to achieve the Gold Star 


Indoor - Thursday 

Outdoor - Friday 


Students will be coming home in P.E kits on Friday, these need to return on the following Monday.


In maths, this term we will be focusing on place value to begin with. Following this we will turn our attention to the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Take a look at our knowledge organisers below to see what we will be covering. 

In Class 5 we are Super Spellers! 

We learn new spelling rules every week.  During Y5, we will be learning how to spell

THESE words. 

Click here for this term's spelling menu.


We should also be able to spell THESE words from the Year 3 and 4 exception word list. 

Once we have mastered this list of spellings, we learn THESE Year 5 and 6 spelling words.  Practice at home!

We can also practice spelling rules on SUMDOG.


This year we are increasing our use of Seesaw both in and out the classroom. Some of our homework will be set on Seesaw as well as next steps in lessons. In the event of a second lockdown, the majority of our class work will be available on Seesaw. 


To ensure we're making the best possible progress, we have decided to bring back the homework books. This year students will have two books, a mathematics book and a SPAG book. Students will be set a subject in at least one of these books each week. This will, more often than not, be set on a subject we have been studying in school during the week. Homework will be set on a Friday and due back in the following Wednesday.