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Year 5 Class Page!

After a fantastic first term as Year 5 students, we are now well into Spring. Take a look below at some of the interesting things we will be covering in Spring 2. 

Knowledge Organisers

On our page you will find lots of knowledge organisers. These are really handy documents we use to map out and block the knowledge in an easier way. Each document will show all the objectives and key knowledge we cover in the units. 


During Spring 2, our Science will be states of matter. Take a look at our knowledge organiser below to see what we'll be covering. 


This term, our geography topic is called 'Magnificent Mountains'. We will be exploring different mountains in the UK and looking at their key features. 



Monday - Swimming (please remember



Thursday - Outdoor P.E 


Students are welcome to come in their P.E kits on Thursday's rather than uniform. 



This term, we have read Kensuke's Kingdom, we've thoroughly enjoyed this book and based a lot of our English work on it. However, we have finished this book and are eagerly awaiting our next book. 

This year's read-a-thon is an around the world special. In the front of students reading records, you will find a reading passport. Students earn stamps for each country based on the number of reads they complete. This can be done on Seesaw or to and adult at home. 

In Class 5 we are Super Spellers! 

We learn new spelling rules every week.  During Y5, we will be learning how to spell

THESE words. 

Click here for this term's spelling menu.


We should also be able to spell THESE words from the Year 3 and 4 exception word list. 

Once we have mastered this list of spellings, we learn THESE Year 5 and 6 spelling words.  Practice at home!

We can also practice spelling rules on SUMDOG.



During Spring 2, we are going to continue our work on Fractions. This is one of the biggest units we look at in Year 5. Towards the end of Spring 2 we will begin to look at the link between fractions, decimals and percentages. 


This year we are increasing our use of Seesaw both in and out the classroom. Some of our homework will be set on Seesaw as well as next steps in lessons. 


To ensure we're making the best possible progress, we have decided to bring back the homework books. This year students will have two books, a mathematics book and a SPAG book. Students will be set a subject in at least one of these books each week. This will, more often than not, be set on a subject we have been studying in school during the week. Homework will be set on a Friday with a view of coming back the following Friday for marking. 


Students are more than welcome to upload pictures of their homework to Seesaw, just incase they forget it on the day.