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Welcome to Year 5 2023-2024

Welcome to Year 5. This year, students will be taught by Miss Muir and Mrs Clarke.


 In preparation for year 6, we place a huge importance on continuing our hard work outside of the classroom. This year, our homework is set into 4. 

Homework books

These will be set every Friday. Students will be bringing home two books (SPAG and Maths), with roughly 2-pages in each to complete. 

Times table Rock stars

Times tables are a really important part of maths. They help in many areas including multiplication, division and fractions, all which play a big part of the year 5 curriculum. To ensure we are in the best possible place to access these areas, fluent knowledge of the time stables are essential. 


As a result, we will be practicing one times table per week. These will come home in our times tables book. 

Reading challenge


Every half term, we will have a reading challenge. This will involve uploading a read to Seesaw at least three times a week. 


Please see the poster below for more details. 

Weekly spellings 


Every week, students will be tested on 5 words taken from the KS2 common exception words. At the start of every term, students will bring home an updated version of their progress. 

The curriculum


We follow a global themes approach. 

The global themes are: 

Autumn 1 - Identity and diversity

Autumn 2 - Peace and conflict

Spring 1 - Saving our environment

Spring 2 - Social justice

Summer 1 - Our world and beyond

Summer 2 - Our heritage


Currently we studing characterisation of Monsters in Gillian Cross' 'The Odyssey'. We will first look how the author describes and cyclops and use this to help plan our own independent pieces.



At St George's, we follow White Rose. Please find attached the termly coverage below. 


 This term (Autumn 2) we will be studying how forces impact our daily life. Including: Friction, Gravity, Air Resistance and Water resistance.


Each half term we will rotate between a history unit and a geography unit. This term is a history unit. We'll be studying the ancient Greeks and their memorable achievements.



This year, students will be taking part in weekly swimming lessons. As well as this, we will have one outdoor P.E lesson a week. You will find the swimming dates attached below.


Monday - Swimming kit


Wednesday- Outdoor P.E kit