Special Educational Needs

Most children will find some thing difficult at some point at school and may need extra help, but for some children, difficulties are prolonged or more significant, causing a barrier to their learning. If your child findslearning difficult, you may wonder if they have special educational needs. You will want to discuss this with your child's teacher , who  will  be able to suggest ways to help your child.

The school SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) will also be involved to help plan support. Support takes many forms depending on the child's needs, but will certainly involve parents to discuss progress and next steps.

A few children have more severe difficulties and the school may wish to involve  other agencies. At all stages, parents are involved. You will be invited to meetings to discuss how we can work together to support your child and to discuss their progress. More detailed information is in our policy below.


Special Educational Needs Information Report  2017-2018   

Special Needs Information Report 2018-2019

Comments from parents:

'Brilliant teachers helped my son so much - so supportive.'

'He has really come a long way with the help of his lovely teacher.'

'I am so pleased. I can't believe the progress he has made.'