Pupil Premium

Some children face challenges that others do not and  the Pupil Premium was introduced to offset disadvantage, and so improve the life chances of all children. Children can receive the additional funding if parents have claimed for free school meals at any point during primary school. Note that this is not linked to Universal Free School Meals available for all Reception and KS1 children.

Who qualifies for the Pupil Premium?               Who qualifies for the Pupil Premium?


Children who are, or have been, eligible for free school meals.

Children in Care

Adopted children

Children of Servicemen or women

If you think you may qualify for free school meals, please apply via County Offices, or obtain details from the school office. We can help with forms and advice etc.


Pupil Premium Strategy:

The Pupil premium Strategy is reviewed and published annually - next review is July 2019

2016-2017 Strategy

2017-2018 Strategy

2018 - 2019 Strategy

2018-2019 Planned Expenditure