Jumper/cardigan /sweatshirt                                   royal blue

Shirt/blouse                                                              pale blue/white

Trousers/skirt/pinafore dress/tailored shorts       grey

Socks                                                                        navy/white/grey

Summer dress                                                           blue & white check or stripe

Plain, black school shoes. Fashion shoes or trainers are not appropriate.

Sandals may be worn in summer but should be a full shoe type. Open-toe sandals are not appropriate on the grounds of health and safety.

School Ties and school caps are available from the office and are optional.

Jewellery is not worn in school but a plain wrist watch may be worn.

Plain studs may be worn in pierced ears but must be removed for PE.

Hair accessories should be plain and either blue or black.

PE Kit

PE is a statutory subject and children need a kit in school comprising of:

Shorts                                                                        plain navy or black  (above the knee)

T-shirt /polo shirt                                                     plain blue or plain white

Pumps                                                                        black

Optional -plain, non-branded trainers for outdoors

Optional plain navy or black track suit or top and jogging bottoms.


Swimming - plain blue or black school swimming trunks (fitted and above the knee)

One piece school swimming costume in plain blue or black.


Children must remove earrings and long hair tied back for all PE sessions. 

Please be aware that it is an expectation that the correct uniform is worn.