Medicines in School

(The full policy is available in school.)

School staff do not routinely administer medicines. It is the responsibility of the parent to medicate their child. If children need medication during the day, parents are welcome to come into school at lunchtime to give this. (Doctors are able to prescribe antibiotics which are administered 3 times daily rather than 4.) If parents are unable to come into school, they may send a representative along with written authorisation. 

Medications not prescribed by the doctor (eg cough syrup, throat tablets, Calpol etc) are not permitted in school. If there is an occasion where this is unavoidable, any such medicines must be handed in at the office for safe-keeping.

Children with medical conditions who must take medication as part of treatment have a Care Plan written by health professionals. This is an individual plan specific to the child.

Children with asthma  need to have prescribed  inhalers in school at all times, clearly labelled with their name and in date. Children who are prescribed an inhaler  must have this for school trips, sports and swimming, and will be unable to take part without it.