School Lunches

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Could your child be entitled to a free school meal?

Free School Meal Entitlement:

A lot of people don't apply for free school meals but you don’t need to worry about other children knowing your child gets free school meals. Only the school will know.

You could save £400 a year for each child and your children could benefit from a hot meal at lunchtime. The school will benefit too as they’ll get the Pupil Premium funding of £1,000 a year from the government for each child eligible for free school meals. This funding is used to improve the provision for your child whilst they are at school.

Your child may be able to get free school meals: Click here to apply

Universal Free School Meals:

From September 2014, the Government has provided funding to enable schools in England to offer a free lunch to every child in Reception, Y1 and Y2.

This is fantastic news for parents with children within these year groups:  Parents could save nearly £400 per year per child and feel assured that their child is receiving a delicious, nutritious balanced meal which contributes to one third of a child’s daily nutritional requirement. This aids concentration and helps with learning. We hope that you will encourage your child / children to try a school meal and make the most of this opportunity.


Derbyshire Food Sourcing:

Our policy of sourcing ingredients locally has many benefits. Food can be traced from our suppliers. Food also travels less distance and can be fresher, tastier and more nutritious. Fewer food miles is food for the environment and this is great news for the local economy and people of Derbyshire.

  • Our main Derbyshire suppliers are:

    • Buxton, Water - High Peak
    • Tomson, Fruit & Vegetables - High Peak
    • Lower Hurst Farm, Organic Beef - Hartington
    • Underwood Meat Company Ltd, Sausages - Chesterfield
    • Cow House Dairy, Ice Cream - Belper
    • John Palin, Fruit & Vegetables - Matlock  


  • Food facts about our meals:

    • All meat served is British and farm assured
    • We have reduced the sugar content in our desserts by 33%
    • No undesirable additives or artificial trans fats are used
    • Our meals are freshly prepared a school kitchen or at a local hub kitchen (at St George's the food is cooked at Eureka Primary School and then transported)
    • No fish are served from the Marine Conservation Society fish to avoid list
    • All eggs are from free range hens
    • No nuts are used in any of our cooking

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