British Values

The  British Values of democracy, law, individual liberty and mutual respect underpin the school ethos.


School Councillors are elected by classmates each year. Older children prepare a canvas speech for their peers. The School Council represents the 'Pupil Voice' and meets with the headteacher each term to discuss ways children would like to improve the school. Recently, the School Council decided what new play equipment should be bought.


Each year, children decide the classroom rules. Children know the purpose of rules and how they make the school a safe and happy place.

Individual Liberty

Children are given opportunities to make choices in a safe environment. They understand the choices can affect other people and learn to make choices  that keep themselves and others safe.

Mutual Respect

Children learn respect for themselves and others. They understand how to use respectful language and to show  respect for each other in and out of lessons.  As a church school, we actively promote respect for all people, irrespective of religion, creed, colour, background, social standing, ability, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.  We are a very inclusive school and value all children and their families.