St George's CE Primary School

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History is the study of past events. Here at St George's we like to allow the children to explore the past through a range if interesting topics. We encourage students curiosity to lead the learning by the pupils identifying what knowledge and information they would like to learn and study at the start of each subject. This will then have an impact on teachers planning. 


Our topic coordinators have designed the curriculum so that it builds upon previous knowledge, with students often revisiting topics in more depth, that they would have studied earlier. Below is a break down of the subjects each year will study throughout their time at St George's. 

Below is a breakdown of the skills the students should learn, taken from the National Curriculum. The documents also outline the subjects in which the students will practice and gain these skills. Within our varied and interesting topics, we aim for the students

to build upon the knowledge they have previously learned year upon year. The students will cover each skill/ curriculum aim at least

once throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 whilst covering a broad range of topics.