St George's CE Primary School

Welcome to St George's 

School Council page 

Our school council is made up of a group of pupils who are elected by fellow pupils to represent their school and think of ideas for improving it.

The councillors bring back ideas, information and suggestions to their class and encourage their class to listen, discuss, share their views and, where necessary, vote on actions that need to be taken. 


Who are the School Councillors?

Every year we run an election campaign to vote for two new representatives for each class. A good representative will speak at the council meetings about things that their class is interested in. They will also tell their class about what is going on in the council meetings.

2020-2021 Panel

Year 1  Layla and Paighton

Year 2  Jesse and Emily

Year 3  Harry and Elijah

Year 4  Annie and Jonah

Year 5  George and Isobel

Year 6  Thomas and Amelia-Rose

Meeting Updates

Our last meeting was held on Tuesday 11th May 2021

At this meeting we discussed ways in which we could raise money for our school.  As a council we decided that we should hold a 'Break the Rules Day' on the last day of this term.  The councillors are going to discuss with the teachers and the rest of the class which rules they would like to break!

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd June 2021

We will discuss how to spend the money we raised last term and any other ideas or actions for the next term.