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  1. Coronavirus



We will use this page on our website to keep you updated on how coronavirus is affecting our school and changes we are making as a result of the virus. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Extra-Curricular Provision

Unfortunately, when school is closed to children except for key worker and vulnerable children, we will not be hosting the Wraparound Care provision. When open as normal, the Wraparound Care will be available before and after school.

School Meals

We continue to provide hot meals for children in school each day. These are eaten within bubbles, either in classrooms or in the hall. Only one bubble eats in the hall at any one time. Children can choose each day if they would like a school meal or if they want to bring in a packed lunch from home. We continue to be able to cater for special dietary requirements. When school is closed to most children, we can provide those children eligible for free school meals with food parcels or food vouchers to spend in local shops. If you think your child may be eligible for free school meals, please contact the school office.


Staff are not required to wear masks unless they choose to do so. Children are not expected to wear masks in school. PPE is used if a child in schools starts to show symptoms of coronavirus and needs to be sent home. Parents are expected to wear masks when they drop off and pick up their children, unless exempt from this. Any parnets coming into the school building is expected to wear a mask.

Advice and Support

We will continue to provide advice and support through our School Jotter App, the school Facebook page and our monthly newsletters. Your child's class teacher may also offer advice and support through Class Dojo. Please see the 'Signposts' section of the website for information about external support services.

Coronavirus Symptoms

If your child displays any of the recognised coronavirus symptoms (new continuous cough, temperature over 37.5 degrees, loss of smell/taste) you will be contacted and asked to fetch your child from school. You will be expected to organise a coronavirus test for your child. In the meantime, the whole household should isolate until a negative result is given. If a positive result is given, the isolation period lasts 10 days and starts at the onset of the symptoms. Please inform school immediately if a test outcome for your child is positive. Please click on the document for more detailed advice. Advice for Parents & Carers.

Bubble Closures

If your child's bubble needs to close as a result of a positive case, you will be informed as soon as possible through the School Jotter App. If your child is in school when the positive case is confirmed, you will be asked to fetch your child immediately. You will be informed of the dates for isolation and when your child will be allowed to return to school. During a bubble closure, your child's class teacher will provide remote learning for the time your child is absent from school. No details of the individual case will be shared with parents other than it is a member of the bubble who has had a positive result.

Remote Learning

Please see the 'Home Learning' page under the 'Classes' tab. On this page you will find our Remote Learning policy and lots of links to help you support your child at home. Our Remote Learning Information for Parents goes into more detail on how we deliver remote learning in our school. You will also find lots of useful resources in the page for your child's year group.

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment, as provided by DCC,  is updated regularly. All staff have full knowledge of this document. If you would like to see the most recent version, please ask at the school office.


Our children are kept within year group bubbles and staff are consistent within each bubble. The children stay in their own classrooms for lessons and for their lunch (unless eating in the hall). The bubbles are kept apart at breaktimes and lunchtimes so children in different bubbles are not mixing at all. We have staggered drop off and pick up times with two entrances used at the start and end of the day. Bubbles enter and exit the building using different doors. Any equipment/space shared between bubbles is thoroughly cleaned after each bubble has used it. Children are encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands regularly throughout the day, with soap and sanitizer available inside each classroom and by the door in the majority of rooms arounds school.


We recognise that enrichment activities are still very important. Children in Year 4 have music lessons delivered by the Music Partnership each week (unless closed to most children). When school is closed, the music teacher provides online lessons. Children continue with private music lessons when school is fully open. We continue to use staff from Premier Sports to deliver PE lessons and Well-Being lessons to classes across the school. Our children also receive Forest School provision when the school is open as normal. When school is open fully, the School Council meet regularly through the use of 'Teams' to have meetings online.  


Several of our policies now include reference to the Coronavirus. You will find these in the 'Policies' section of our website. They are easily identifiable as they are the policies written in red.


During the pandemic, we have continued to carry out socially distant tours of the school for new parents. These have taken place after school when all children and most staff have gone home. For new Reception starters in September 2021, we will be in touch during the summer term with details of transition arrangements. Children moving to secondary school in September 2021 will be given information about their transition arrangements later on in the academic year.

School Trips

We have followed Government Guidance and no school trips have taken place during the pandemic. We have instead welcomed visitors into school and will continue to do so once school is open fully again. The children have enjoyed online experiences such as the NSPCC assemblies and the Christmas Pantomime.

Church School

We have continued with our assemblies throughout the pandemic. Although we have not been able to come together in one space for assembly, we have made good use of 'Teams' to deliver whole school assemblies twice a week. Classes continue to have their own assemblies three times a week. Rev Firbank delivers an online assembly every half term. During closures, teachers have produced assemblies to share across school as part of our Remote Learning provision. The Christian Values are promoted through the curriculum, be it at home or in school learning.

Uniform & Equipment

When school is only open to key worker and vulnerable children, the children are not expected to wear uniform unless they wish to do so. Our children continue to keep PE kits in school to change into when necessary although some children may at times go home in their PE kits at the end of the day. Children are able to bring in books bags and water bottles daily, but no other equipment is required unless a child wishes to bring in their own sanitizer. Equipment is kept within a bubble and where it is shared between bubbles, it is thoroughly cleaned after use.

Open Events

Unfortunately, we are not holding our usual events of class assemblies, open afternoons, parent workshops during the pandemic. Parent/Teacher Consultations are carried out over the phone or by using Zoom/Teams. Our parent volunteers have not been coming into school during the pandemic. Our PTA meetings have continued online through Teams.


We hope this information has given you a clear insight into life at our school during the pandemic. We pride ourselves on ensuring the links between school and home are stronger than ever. We always welcome feedback on how we are doing!