Charging and Remissions Policy (Feb 2018)

This statement sets out the School’s attitude to charging, describes each type of activity which will be charged for and explains when charges will be made.


All compulsory activities provided within school hours will be free. This includes materials, equipment and transport provided in school hours by the LA or the school to carry pupils between school and its activity. ‘School hours’ are those when the school is actually in session and do not include the break in the middle of the day

All parents will be informed about school hours on the school web site.

The school will be mindful of the expense to parents and families when arranging extra- curricular or enhancement activities and will endeavour to keep costs to a minimum. As a rule, contributions of not more than £15 will be requested for an individual trip/activity. Parents will be informed of the decision to be asked for contributions at the planning stage of activities.

The school will subsidise costs of travel where possible, to keep costs to parents to a minimum.

The School will invite voluntary contributions towards any part of the School’s work and to permit the provision of activities or visits. If sufficient contributions are not made, then the trip will be wholly or partly funded by the school, or will be cancelled. The headteacher will take account of the nature of the trip and costs to be met by school in his/her decision.

No pupil will be left out of any activity provided in school time because his or her parents will not make a contribution of any kind if asked to contribute.

Pupil Premium

Children in receipt of free school meals will be subsidised from the pupil premium fund wholly or partly, unless parents prefer to make a donation.

Out-of-school Clubs

The school will make a charge towards the cost of any materials and may include an allowance for the cost of teachers from the school who will be expected to supervise an activity.

Residential Trips

Charges are made for board and lodging on residential courses in school time.

Damage/Loss of equipment, books

Parents may be asked to contribute towards costs of replacing items of school property that is wilfully damaged or mislaid.







Charges for photocopying

Staff and others may use the school photocopier at a cost of 10p per A4 copy.

Charges for laminating

Staff and others may use the school laminating machine at a cost of 75p per A4 sheet.

Private telephone calls

Staff and others using the school telephone do so at normal BT costs. Payment is payable to the school clerk who keeps a record of these.

Lettings of Premises

The Governing Body as a whole are entitled to agree to letting out the school premises and to determine the use to which the premises shall be put, except when they are required for the purposes of the school or LEA. As a principle, the Governing Body will consider letting the use of the buildings where the proposed activity clearly enhances or contributes to the education of the children at the school.

Governors will have regard to the purpose and the persons hiring the premises and ensure that the building and contents are maintained in good order and fit for school usage after the event. The governors must satisfy themselves that activities will be administered in accordance with County Health and Safety guidelines and current legislation The hirer will be required to abide by the terms of the insurance policy taken out by the County Council to protect hirers of County Council and voluntary school premises and to pay the first £100 of each and every claim in respect of damage to the buildings and contents arising out of the use of the hired premises. Hirers must satisfy the governing body of their suitability to hire school premises by providing such references and assurances as may be required by the governors. 

Letting fees will be charged in accordance with County guidelines and administered by the Clerk to Governors . The school will not be available for hire during school holidays